2 Encoding

by Zak707

3 Search Menu

by steve77063@gmail.com

6 Licence Rules

by Billy24

8 Transtion Wizard

by skeeeter56

11 Failed to load Voice File

by ptwillman

12 Failed to Load File

by pawyo53

13 Failed to load file

by papas1175

16 Adding textures

by lagru111

17 Adding Music to Slides

by ericklopo

18 Burning show to a DVDq

by fquine

20 mp4 slide stops too soon

by jjeffcoat28

21 Slide Effects

by skeeeter56

22 Smartshow3d crashed

by Boof1977

23 Photoeditor

by wolfgang.drespling

24 Need activation key

by nicola.mcnultyengineering

27 Activation problem [Resolved]

by lasz.zsolt72