3 Photos are zoomed in

by scottelder1

5 Apple m4v video files

by rfrobi49

6 Imported Videos

by redhotrn65

8 "Failed to load file" Error

by ItaliaBrownEyez

11 Eaccess Violation

by AileronLacey03

13 Video slides

by kkburch

14 My

by crichez

18 Rolling credits?

by annie9

20 Templates

by cengizbatmaz

22 Exception Violation

by dvisentin

23 loading new templates

by alexden

25 Music not playing

by sudip.sur

26 SmartShow 3D Themes

by sudip.sur

27 How to record a commentary

by sudip.sur

28 smart show 3d delux

by annieoak