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Topic: Encoding [Resolved]


    Having issue trying to encode HVEC (H265) or 4K output. The encoder just does nothing past the audio step.

     It works fine with any container MP4, MKV, AVI, even WMV while using H264, MPEG4 ,Xvid, WMV8, DivX, etc.

    Only when I try to do 4K with the above codec or anything with HVEC it does not work.

HVEC: Checking on the process it seem to not start at all for HVEC once it get to the video step. No preview, just sit a 0%

4K any other format: The encoder executable shoot to ~2400MB of usage then stall, usually within a few seconds of Previews.

       Looks like encoder is 32Bit so might explain the limitation of not being able to do the 4K due to memory limitation. While the HVEC, I do not know. I can encode these format in many other software using software or hardware encoder (Nvidia or Intel QSV).

      Any troubleshooting steps possible?

      PC: I9-12900k, RTX3080, 32Gb, all software and work file on ultra fast SSDs.



Re: Encoding [Resolved]

Actual further to that. Is there a way to export a video without any compression? I do not care for size, but if that can be done at least I can use my own 3rd party software to compress to my liking?



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Hi, what do you mean when you say "does nothing past the audio step"? Could you make a screenshot? On what percentage does the rendering stop? Meanwhile you can try following:
- Disable your antivirus software for a few minutes (to make sure it doesn’t prevent you from saving to the C: drive);
- Right-click the SmartSHOW 3D icon and select "Run as administrator" from the drop-down list.
- Save the file to another location, e.g. Desktop, USB Drive, etc.
Let me know if this resolves the problem.

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Re: Encoding [Resolved]

Hi Michael,

                 Thank you for the info.

> When preparing the video there are 3 steps with process bar. When selecting HEVC, it finish the 2nd which is audio then never start the video, which is the third step. The bar stay 0% even if I wait long, no preview is shown whereas for the working format there is a preview while encoding in progress.

> No anti-virus, only using Win10 Security on this machine. Then regardless of AV solution I always exclude my work folder and software.exe to ensure no interference and maximum performance. In this case even file format like MKV, MP4, etc are excluded from on-access scan as well.

Screenshot bbcode test

> I am an admin on the machine, all software are running as admin. But I tried and no change. HEVC does not work while all other format even if I customize parameters (i.e. choose 30000Kbps, 320Kbps AC3, etc) works fine. Then 4K, after some more testing only work if I pick compression MPEG4/MJPEG in an AVI container but not with H264. But takes long, generate large files and not very nice output.

> The file was saving to a fast SSD. Like I said works for other format do not see why that would be a problem for a specific codec.

For next step on my side, I removed the license from this machine and moved to my laptop (Core i9-9750h/RTX2070/32GB) and will see if I get the same behavior and report.

EDIT: Same results on the laptop, the above screenshot is same place it stall. We can leave it there for long and it will not move. Then clicking Stop does not end anything either, we need to kill the process via Task Manager.

If you have other suggestion, that would be welcome too. Thank you.


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Zak, the only suggestion I have is that if the conversion always stops at the first slide, try removing this slide from the project. If this doesn't help, try contacting tech support, so they will look into the project and system info.

Re: Encoding [Resolved]

Thank, looks like I will report to support. It does the same regardless of my project.

It is not stopping on one specific slides, it just does not carry the video stream part as seen in the screen shot. Whereas if I pick other encoding, or not 4k in most codec, then it works and video stream proceed.

Anyhow, for now I was able go by with H264 of course just larger file size considering the configuration I wanted to used.