Topic: Failed to load Voice File [Resolved]

I have been adding m4a audio files to my slideshow with no issues until one today triggers a "Failed to add music files" message.  What could be wrong?  The audio was sent to me by text which I saved to a drive to import.  Thanks.

Re: Failed to load Voice File [Resolved]


It looks like this file has some codec that is not supported by SmartSHOW 3D. Please upload it to some file-sharing service (such as Google Drive) and send a link to our technical support. They'll check the file to find out what causes the problem.
You can submit a support ticket here:

Re: Failed to load Voice File [Resolved]

I did open a ticket but figured out the solution on my own.  Settings on the iphone voice memo need to have Audio Quality set to compressed instead of "Lossless". Compressed is also a much smaller file. I was able to add it in with no problem.  Thanks.