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Topic: Never finish to export in mp4

Hello, I'm new user.
I create a presentation using Smartshow 3d Deluxe. I purchased the license.
I already tried many times to export the presentation using mp4 format but always it doesn't end the conversion. It always stop at 70% or  92% or 85% or 55%. It is very frustrating.
I'm not able to understand where should be the problem.
By the way it continues to loss the link with the pictures used for the presentation.
I'm talking about a presentation with 45 slides.
Thank you for the prompt help.
I really need to finish the video before tomorrow morning.

Re: Never finish to export in mp4


Have you checked out this thread: http://slideshow-forum.com/viewtopic.php?id=351
If the conversion still doesn't work, please contact our Support Team: https://smartshow-software.com/support.php