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How do I get the second song to start quicker after the first one ends? I have pictures streaming and no music for maybe 2 1/2 slides is dead silence.  I can't go lower than 1 second from one to the other so I am not sure how that works? Help?!?! yikes
Thank you!

Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

Perhaps you did not turn the faders off - check if there's the default fade-in and fade-out 3 seconds under "Volume and Faders".

This default setting is convenient when there's only one song in the project, but you have to disable it if there's more than one song and you don't want the silence in between.

Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

I have turned the faders off and I still go through 2 1/2 frames before second song kicks in.  Help

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Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

Check in an audio editor how much space you have in your song file after your first song ends and before your second song starts, Then use the editor to remove the space.

Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

I know this may sound stupid but where is the audio editor? is that in my computer or for the smart showed software? In my computer about where would I find it? Sorry such a dumb question LOL

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Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

It's not a stupid question, but if you do not know what an audio editor is, then you will need to learn how to use one. The link below will take you to a download page for the most popular free audio editor available, it's called "Audacity", so just download it and install it:

Load you song into the editor and it will display as a sound wave file, then you need to find the feature to remove *silence from in front of and after the song, (*in other words remove the blank space). I can't help you with this as I do not use "Audacity" myself, so practice using the program, and in time you will grow to understand how it works. You can't do any harm to your song as long as you save the song you are working on with a different name to your original song.

Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

Thanks! I will try it out and let you know how I did. lol  I appreciate your help.

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Yes, let me know how you get on?

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ok I have been trying Audacity ( not an easy program) Still have not figured it out. Reading manual. Not an easy program tho.

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Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

Right try this:

Start Audacity.

Load your song (mp3 or wav preferred).

Your song will appear in Audacity as a blue sound wave file, depending on what type of song file it is, you will either see two blue sound wave files (stereo) or one blue sound wave file (mono).

Now look at the blue song file/s, if there is a central line ( _______ ) with no data (sound waves) on it at the end of the song, this is the silence you need to remove.

Put your cursor at the point where the sound data ends and the blue line begins and click once, hold the mouse button and drag to the right to the end of the blue line ... This should highlight that portion of the sound files at that point, if the song is a stereo song then both parts will be highlighted.

Now go to the "Edit" menu on the top left of the program and open it, then click on "Cut".

The blue line at the end of the song should now be gone!

If there is a blue line at the beginning of the song, you need to click on the point where the line joins the sound data and drag the cursor to the left to highlight that section.

Now go to the "Edit" menu and "Cut" that line out of the song.

Now save the song as a WAV file (Not an MP3), by going to the "File" menu and choosing "Export Audio". Make sure the "Save as type" box says: "WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM", give the file a name (don't give the file the same name as your original song) and click on Save.

Watch where you are saving the file to, so that you can find it.

Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

u r the best! i will try this smile

Re: Two song slideshow [Resolved]

If you need more help, let me know?