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Topic: ULTIMATE suggestions to make it really great !

- the ability to import TRANSPARENT MOV files (alpha channel) so one could do great overlay animations with it

- more text formatting options (at least LETTER SPACING and LINE SPACING so one could make far better looking text, instead of having to import constantly the title texts via png images)

- a WAVEFORM CURVES on the audio tracks (so one can quicker identify special spots in the audio and move to them)

- some basic audio editing options / audio effects would be so great (like noise removal, equalizer, reverb, limiter...)

- the option to have one video background play over multiple sides (looping video clip)

- the ability to add or create your own transitions (via masks or by importing your own alpha channel videos, like you already offer with the transition music to be customized, so the transition video would great too)

- a way to CUSTOMIZE SHORTCUTS or have at least a shortcut for the play preview in the window (F5 is great for fullscreen, but like the space bar for a quick internal preview is a must)

- a banner on the website where you promise a refund or a 30 days money guarantee (that will surely increase trust and make it easier for people to order)

- better text shadow options with blur / angle / size kind of like PowerPoint has

- a format painter and animation painter like PowerPoint has

- a button to insert BULLETS and quick lists

- a way to insert TABLES with coloring options

- gridlines & guides display option

- more fonts with the 3D text option, instead only these 7 permitted

- more text gradients instead of only 2 levels, like 4 levels etc.

- a way to have possibly a presentation view / notes view (in which one could manually advance the slides)

- and if possible a "morph" transition like the new PowerPoint 2016 has, which basically AUTO-generates the keyframes in-between 2 slides that have the same items, but in different position or different size or color etc., without but having to manually set the keyframes, but just making 2 slides (1.side = starting sposition and 2 slide = end position) and the software simply auto inter-polating the movement in-between. That would be so efficient and quick.

well thats all that i can think of at the moment
and if you would include all that for the same price
then i would dare to say, that it would become the BEST slideshow / video tool on the planet
that would be available under 100 dollars on any platform !


and PS: i know i know your software is more a photo presenter, rather than a PowerPoint clone, but nevertheless you really could hit a sweet spot by combining the BEST features of each and putting them all into YOURS one ultimate software ! :-)

Re: ULTIMATE suggestions to make it really great !

Hi, welcome to this forum, and thank you very much for sharing so many ideas. In fact, some of these have been asked for by our users already, others are new but quite reasonable. I discussed your suggestions with the project manager and the engineers. They say that 80% of these are already on our updates plan. We just cannot tell you when exactly this or that feature will be implemented. But we're working on improving the software all the time, so stay tuned for new updates!