Topic: Disc Format Not Supported Issues [Resolved]

I have successfully burned the DVD, but am unable to play it on my Samsung Blu Ray 3D (model BD-D5500) DVD player/TV setup. I successfully executed all the steps outlined in SmartSHOW 3D without errors. I am able to play the DVD on my computer but not on my DVD/TV.

I've tried it on another DVD Player.. Samsung, different model, and get the same error message "Disc Format Not Supported". The type of disc I'm using is DVD+R which according to my BluRay user manual, is a supported format.

i have tried saving the project as an iso file and having the Windows Disc Image Burner program burn the image to disk. It burns successfully but my DVD player still shows "Disc format not supported" when attempting to play the DVD. I've tried burning as a non-High quality image, i.e. "Good" quality, but no change to the outcome. Again, I've tried using this disk on a Blu Ray and non-Blu Ray with the same result. I'm running out of options.

Re: Disc Format Not Supported Issues [Resolved]

Hi, it looks like your players support finalized discs only. You need to contact tech support: - they'll send you a new build of SmartSHOW 3D that will create a finalized DVD. This feature will be officially available in the next software update, but tech support can send you the beta right now.

Re: Disc Format Not Supported Issues [Resolved]

Thank you for your timely resonse Lesley.  I will go ahead and request a new build for SS3D.

I would like some clarification on your response.  It seems as though what you're telling me is that the version of SS3D I have saves its ISO image files in an "un-finalized" format, so it wouldn't matter that I try to use other burning programs, it'll still create a disk that is un-finalized which my Blu Ray DVD player cannot read.  Do I understand that correctly?

Re: Disc Format Not Supported Issues [Resolved]

It is not quite clear why the ISO file burned with Windows Disc Image Burner could not be played, since Windows Disc Image Burner should have finalized the disc.

In fact, there are many factors involved - perhaps you chose PAL instead of NTSC or vice versa; the disc itself could be incompatible with your player (some players can play DVD+R but not DVD-R for example) - it's advisable to check your player specs to make sure you use the right disc.

There is one more thing to try in SmartSHOW 3D - Create DVD Folders and then burn the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS to disc with Windows burner. This works for most of our users who have similar issues.

Finally, most modern players will play an AVI or MP4 video file burned to DVD, or, even better, from a USB drive. This is actually the best option, as the DVD format is getting obsolete, it does not provide the same quality as MP4 HD for example.