Topic: Saving dater to another drive [Resolved]

I am a 86 year old newbie to digital slide show creation. (Yes my Kodak projector died.

I have a SSD for my C: drive on which are Windows 7 operating system, downloads and programs.
Most programs Corel PSP X8, Lightroom, Word and Excel allow me to save data to my E: drive.

For obvious reasons I do not want SmartSHOW 3D to save files to C: drive but to my E: drive.

So far I have only used the trial version but today purchased the premium version, which I have not used but have opened hoping to find 'Preferences' listed. But I can not find any reference to Preferences.

Any idea as to what I can do before using SS3D.


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Re: Saving dater to another drive [Resolved]

SS3D will ask you to choose where to save your projects when you first click on Save Project while working on your first slideshow - that's when you can choose a folder on your E: drive. All future projects will be saved there unless you change the location.

Re: Saving dater to another drive [Resolved]

That's right for the project files, Cindy!
@ Froomious
Are you installing SmartSHOW 3D to C\Program Files (x86)?