Topic: Frame-rate issue when transferring to Blu Ray [Resolved]

First, I want to say I am really impressed with Smartshow 3D and am enjoying using it.
The issue I am having is trying to put the finished video on to Blu Ray and / or DVD.
The only way I am able to get a smooth looking video out of SmartShow is to use the Smooth Video option, which is great but seems to lock the frame-rate at 60 FPS. It plays perfectly on my PC, but when I pass it through Vegas Pro and use the Vegas Blu ray template - which adjusts it to 25 fps - the output is very choppy due to the frame-rate mismatch.

I tried burning the slideshow via Sony DVD Architect Pro (which allows menu customisation which is the main reason I am wanting to burn via the Sony software) ) but get the same results.

I've tried unticking the Smooth Video option which then allows you to specify a frame-rate - but the video produced is similarly choppy. (Even for fairly slow pans).

Was wondering if anyone has successfully put a slide-show onto Blu-ray or DVD, or if there is a way to produce a reasonably smooth video output from Smartshow at at 24/25 or 30 FPS.

thanks in advance....

Re: Frame-rate issue when transferring to Blu Ray [Resolved]

Hi, welcome to this forum, and thank you for your feedback on the software!
I've forwarded your question to the engineers, and it looks like 60 fps is necessary to produce smooth video.
You mentioned menu customization - is a certain feature you need missing in SmartSHOW 3D?