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Topic: Memory leak? [Resolved]


I bought the software this week and was very happy with it, until I suddenly run into an issue where the program will crash on me. This happens during a slideshow with quite some photo's and video's. While previewing I can see the memory usage going up in Task manager until it reaches 4 GB. After that it crashes. Is there a memory leak?

Running this on a high end gaming laptop (RTX 3080, Ryzen 9 5900HX, 32 GB RAM, Windows 11 Pro) I see the software is 32 bit. Is there a 64 bit version available?

Does anyone recognize this problem? It seems like this started happening when I added all my photo's and video. I have hundreds of them. They all have their own slide. It looks like during preview the memory usage goes up drasticly until it crashes. Is there an option to use less memory during preview so I can finish our vacation slideshow? Or can the software use my full 32 GB of RAM that I have?


Re: Memory leak? [Resolved]


Such issues may occur when you use many video files in your project. In most cases, it can be resolved by converting your video files into AVI before adding them to the project. This format is much easier to process than MP4 or MOV, and it doesn't require much memory. If you don't have a video converter, you can use a free online service, for example, CloudConvert. https://cloudconvert.com/
If this solution doesn't work for you, submit a support ticket here https://ams-photo-software.com/support.php
They'll find help you find a solution.

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Re: Memory leak? [Resolved]


Thanks for the reply! I will try this. I think I noticed this happening after I imported the video files from my GF's phone. My galaxy S22 Ultra uses the h264 codec to make video's, but upon inspecting her videos (from a google Pixel 6 I believe) they appear to be H265 encoded. Maybe that is the problem. I'll report back if this worked :-)

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Re: Memory leak? [Resolved]

I hope this is not premature, but after converting the first 5 video's in my slideshow I did see the memory go up again but not as drastic as with the previous encoded video's. I was able to preview what I have so far, which is also different compared to before the conversion, and coming out of the preview the memory usage had dropped down again. I still have to render everything and watch it on a 4K tv, but... so far so good... if there is any other trouble I'll report back.

PS: I still think a 64-bit version of this software would be much, much better. It would at least able it to use more than 4 GB of memory, which is kind of a normal thing these days :-) I can see how this would have sufficed in 2012 or so, but nowadays with camera's and phones taking 4k or higher video material in newer codecs I think it'd be good that use the full memory of the machine.