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Is it possible to create the effect of a picture (either layer or slide) folding in half, or unfolding like a card.

I've tried duplicate layers with crops. masks and 3d rotation but can't get the correct effect

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Hi Mark,

To create such an effect, add two same layers to a slide and crop them so that you have the right and the left side of the photo Then add a keyframe to the left layer, switch to the Animation tab, set 3D Rotation to -90, and move the layer to the middle of the slide
Do the same with the right layer but set 3D Rotation to 90 instead of -90. Finally, add a keyframe in the middle of the animation effect and position the layers side to side.

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Thanks Michael

With some experimentation I have taken this quite a bit further. Helped me undestand most of the animation and mask settings!

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Glad to help you. Good to hear you are getting closer to your perfect slideshow!

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I too need this clarification.I had a lot but can't.Please suggest another way.Thanks in bunch

Thanks & Regards

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Hi Kritisen!

If the instructions above don't work for you, please explain what exactly goes wrong to the customer support team. They'll help you create the effect.
You can submit a ticket in the Customer Support Center here: