Topic: Animation Keyframe Synchronisation

Is there a way of synchronising/copying keyframe positions from one layer to one or more other layers?

I know you can position the time line at a keyframe of one layer, then select another layer and create a keyframe for it (which is really handy), but if there are, say, 8 keyframes and 8 layers that you want to synchronise then it can get tedious!

Also, I notice that, when extending the time duration of a slide, all keyframe positions are adjusted to match their relative position within the slide duration. This is great if a completed slide runs a little too quickly, but if you have misjudged the slide duration, or want to add layers, it would be handy to be able to select either relative (as now) or absolute keyframe positioning.Is this possible, if not could it be requested?


Re: Animation Keyframe Synchronisation

Hi Mark!

You can use these copy/paste button for keyframes: - they let you copy a keyframe from one layer to another. With lots of layers, it's tedious indeed. The way you mention with creating a keyframe following the prompt as you switch between layers might be more convenient.

Regarding the relative keyframe position, this is how our software engine works, and this was done on purpose, to let the users adjust the slide duration even when they're done with setting up animation (to sync slides with music for example). I realize that you'd like to have a choice between relative and absolute positions, but it's extremely complicated for the developers to do, so it's not on our short term task list. We might try to do it one day if we get lots of requests for this feature.

Re: Animation Keyframe Synchronisation

Thanks for the info Michael. Unless I'm missing something then the Copy & Paste buttons copy the Keyframe settings for the layer (Opacity, Scale etc etc) rather than the position on the timeline so I guess that synchronisation isn't possible.

Thanks anyway.