Topic: Lost My Animation Key Frame [Resolved]

I just downloaded the software to produce an intro video to a live stream I do. I finished the video and exported it but decided to tweak one animation by about half a second and loaded the saved file. Upon loading it every slide has it's animation EXCEPT the one I want to tweak. From story board I can preview the file and the animation plays but when I edit the slide and go to the animation tab and select the only asset on the page only one key frame is there. Key frame 1 is there but it should be key frame two and key frame 2 is just gone. If I click the play button to play the animation there is none because key frame 2 is gone and key frame 1 is wrong. None of my other slides have missing key frames from their animations. Am I missing something easy?

Re: Lost My Animation Key Frame [Resolved]


Was this animation one of the last changes you added into project? If it is, then perhaps something went wrong while saving the project, and the changes were lost.
In any case, I suggest to remake that animation and have a project back-up just in case.

Re: Lost My Animation Key Frame [Resolved]

Thanks for the reply. It was the first frame done but it might have been one of the last changes I made as I tweaked thing. I don't think so though. I can remake the entire slide and completely delete that one I guess If I really want to tweak that timing setting.