Topic: Moving photographs to new location. [Resolved]

I am reorganising my PC and have a wish to move the folder that contains the photographs in the slideshow I am working on. I tried to do this in file explorer, but of course all my slides came up with a file missing message.  Is there any way in which I can do this, either from within the software, or via file explorer and then relinking the folder from its new location?

Re: Moving photographs to new location. [Resolved]


You can export your projects together with photos. In this case, the pictures won't disappear from projects, even if you move the images folder.

To export the project, open it in SmartSHOW 3D, then go to File > Save project for other computer
The software will create a folder containing all the materials from your project: images, sounds, .pskp, music, clipart, etc. Once you're done re-arranging files on your PC, simply open the project from this folder.