Topic: i couldn't install memorial template [Resolved]

I bought the memorial template for my Dad's celebration of life that in 2 days.
i extracted the zip file, installed the template.exe and use the password that provided on the email.
it brought me to smartshow 3D box , it said "add new slideshow template"
At the bottom said "file are not found"
There is empty white box at the bottom of the sentence "flles are not found" but i can entry anything there because the box is highlighted and i couldn't click on install button too.

Anyone can help me, please? I am super stress out to make preparation for my Dad's celebration of life. It was hard to go through his photos, so i waited till the last minute to make the memorial video. Please help.Thank you!!

Re: i couldn't install memorial template [Resolved]


I'm sorry for the delayed reply.
Usually, this message "file are not found" means that the templates are not extracted from the archive properly and you're running the exe right from the zip folder. Here's what you need to do:

Right-click on the zip folder and search for Extract All / Extract Here option. When you start extracting, a password will be required.

When the files have been extracted, a new folder (not a .zip!!) should appear in your Downloads. Open this folder.

Inside, you will see Data folder, Readme.txt and Templates.exe. Start Templates.exe (the one with the yellow icon) - it will import the templates to SmartSHOW 3D.

When Templates.exe tells you that the templates have been added, open SmartSHOW 3D and find the new templates under Collages.

If you need any additional help, please contact our techsupport here:

Re: i couldn't install memorial template [Resolved]

thank you Michael. I have been trying to use my background templates for a couple of days now. I was never given those instructions that you just gave. Now I have my memorial backgrounds.