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Topic: Always crash

I recently bought the program and am trying to use to create slideshow for my family and kids.  Unfortunately, the program crashes so frequently and I cannot even finish my first slideshow.  There are a few different types of crashes:
1.  When reopening the program, the launch window showing which type of task like whether it is a new project, create 5 minutes task from template or open an existing project never comes up
2.  When the program works, sometimes it just stopped forever and I have to restart the program.  However, it is very difficult for me to get it work again.

I also tried to uninstall and reinstall several times.  Same issue.

Please help or should I just ask for refund.

Re: Always crash

Just crash, not working...Can't finish my first slide show.

Re: Always crash


It seems you need to check your video card driver, it may be outdated.
I see you contacted our support team - they will help you find the right driver.