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Topic: video en continu -----> RESOLU

je viens d'acheter smartshow3d
pourriez vous me dire comment faire pour que ma video tourne en continue indefiniement

Re: video en continu -----> RESOLU


Recherchez l'option Boucle / Répéter dans votre lecteur vidéo préféré (par exemple, vous pouvez la trouver dans Windows Media Player et Media Player Classic). Une fois que vous avez activé cette option dans les paramètres, le diaporama sera lu automatiquement.

La plupart des lecteurs de DVD ont également une option de boucle. Il suffit de consulter le manuel de votre lecteur pour activer cette fonctionnalité.

Re: video en continu -----> RESOLU

merci pour votre aide
bonne fin de journee

Re: video en continu -----> RESOLU

SmartSHOW 3D – 8.25
Licença: 2KDIE55WUXW75A1G2YQQ
Screenshot of the error message: Free Upgrades period as expired.
Tendo tido problemas com o HD, perdi grande parte de meus arquivos e programas. Reinstalando o SmartSHOW 3D o mesmo não aceita a licença que adquiri do software. Então reivindico licença que funcione. Quando adquiri o mesmo não havia limite de tempo para seu uso. Comprei a licença estava funcionando normalmente na máquina.

Re: video en continu -----> RESOLU

SmartSHOW 3D - 8.25
License: 2KDIE55WUXW75A1G2YQQ (does not release the program)
Screenshot of the error message: Free Upgrades period as expired.
Having had problems with HD, I lost most of my files and programs. Reinstalling SmartSHOW 3D does not accept the license I purchased for the software. So I claim a license that works. When I purchased it, there was no time limit for its use. I bought the license was working normally on the machine.
marco.antonio.c.pimentel@gmail.com - I used this email when purchasing.

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Re: video en continu -----> RESOLU

Entrei em contato aqui também: AMS Software <robot@ams-soft.com e recebi este e-mail:

Dear Marco A C Pimentel,

Thank you for contacting AMS Software. You can check your ticket status any time and read the operator's response in our Customer Support Center: http://help.ams-photo-software.com

Please use the following to log in to our Support Center:

E-mail: md9290@gmail.com

You can also view your ticket using this direct link (no password required).

When should you expect a response?

Generally, you will get a response within a few hours, or immediately. We will definitely reply to you within one business day, except for weekends and public holidays.

Some questions require consulting engineers or Order Support, therefore they will take longer to deal with. Anyway, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please DO NOT reply to this message via email and DO NOT create a duplicate ticket - this will slow down the support center operations.

If you do not get a response when expected, please check your Spam folder - the response notification may be there.

Best regards,
AMS Software
Support Team

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Hello md9290!

Please contact our Support Team here: https://smartshow-software.com/support.php
They'll check what's wrong.