Topic: Ken Burns effect?

I'm sure this is out here somewhere, but how does one achieve the Ken Burns effect, panning and zooming within a particular photo?
We've all seen it, where the "view window" for a photo pans from one area to another, or zooms into or out of one area of a photo?  It makes for a very dynamic image.
How does one do that with this package?

Re: Ken Burns effect?

Hi! You can find the "Ken Burns effect" in the Animation tab (see top left in the main program window, between Add and Transitions).
Just click and drag it to your slide. You can also try "Smooth pan & zoom".
Should you want to finetune the camera motion, you'll need to open the slide editor and work with keyframes. Check out this tutorial for the basics: … -types.php

Re: Ken Burns effect?

Ok. This is rather useless information. Yes, I know the package has "Ken Burns" effect. But where are the instructions on exactly how to use and edit the effect?

Re: Ken Burns effect?

Hi mmckaibab!

Just select a photo on the timeline, then double-click the Ken Burns effect and it will be applied to this photo automatically.
To edit the effect, double-click your photo - this will open the slide editor. Now you need to switch to the Animation tab and work with the keyframes.

Here is my example:

- Take a look at my photo here, the zoom-in area looks a bit off:
- I select the first keyframe and change Position for it, so the focus is now on the couple:
- Hit Play to check the result. If you're satisfied, click Save to apply the changes.

I also recommend that you check out this tutorial: … -types.php
It covers various types of animations you can make with our program using the keyframes. The video also shows how to edit the animation's settings to get the best result.