Topic: UGH!!! [resolved]

I purchase the Deluxe Software then upgraded to the GOLD version and created a beautiful slideshow presentation for 400 people.  When I played the presentation at the banquet, it only worked part of the show as it would show a couple of pictures then black screen for most of the time.  The music played the entire time.  I was so embarrassed.

When I returned home tonight, I thought I would try to create a video for the internet, hoping that it would save it as I created it.  Then, I would upload it to YouTube/Vimeo.  HOWEVER, the software would not allow me to create such a video and was prompting me to upgrade to DELUXE!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  After the night I had of a failed presentation, then this.

Can someone help?  I just want my money back.  Support HAS NOT returned my emails that I sent earlier today or tonight.

Your reputation dipicticed a much more reputable program.  I, however, question everything good about this software.  So much about it I liked, but for it to fail at just the most inopportune time.....

Re: UGH!!! [resolved]

First of all, did you play the presentation directly in the software or opened the created video with a video player? if you played it with SmartSHOW 3D, the preview may not work correctly since the software needs to pre-load all the pictures, effects and transitions. If you added a video clip to your slideshow, it may cause the same issue as well. That's why it's better to create a video from your slideshow and play it with any preferred video player.

Next, you should have received a new key for the Gold version. Have you activated it? You can do it inside the software (Help > Enter key).