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Topic: Not being able to run the software [Resolved]

I bought the software (still have the email and the key) and have used in past but not in recent times .... today I decided to create my family Christmas slideshow and I am getting an error when I try to run the software!

Below is what is happening. When I double click on the prgoram, I am getting the Online activation window (I am pretty sure I have activated it in past) but yet ... I entered the associated email and the key (copy and paste - double checked several times) ... and then click the 'Check' button ... then I get a window 'Free upgrades period has expired' ... and that is it ... options are only to upgrade or cancel!

[EDIT] - seems to be a known issue ... also raised a support ticket.

Re: Not being able to run the software [Resolved]

Leslie / Mods - the reply I got back from the support is:

'Our database shows that you purchased the software over one year ago. There have been several important updates since then. The free updates period (12 months) has expired, so you need to renew your license to use the current version.'

First, I do understand that I am not entitled to free upgrades forever ... however I didn't pay for a yearly subscription - did I? So I don't understand why I can't use the software in the version that it is!

I like the software and may upgrade it but am not happy the way the issue resolution ... if I upgrade again after a year will I be stopped from using the software? I should be allowed to use the software on the version i am on!

I have seen the same issue being reported and resolved ... why not mine!

Re: Not being able to run the software [Resolved]

Hi, I'm really sorry that you're experiencing a problem with the software at this time. According to your description, it looks like an error on our activation server. It appears every now and then, affecting older versions of the software. If this is the case, tech support will help you resolve it.

Re: Not being able to run the software [Resolved]

Hello Lesley,

Thanks. The issue was resolved by getting a new key. However I did upgrade to the newer version to and in addition bought 12 templates.

I like your software and I do own another half a dozen similar ... but the Smart Show remains a favourite.

Re: Not being able to run the software [Resolved]

Good to hear that the problem is resolved, and thank you for the nice feedback!

Re: Not being able to run the software [Resolved]

I have similar problem, I am unable to use Smartshow 3D. Keep getting error message to say that "Trial period has expired" I did not have a trial period I bought a full license. I have been in touch with tech support who tell me that I need to buy the new Updated version. This is disgraceful. I purchased 3D for about $60 dollars and nowhere did you say that I would have to purchase a new version once updates had been released. When Microsoft released Windows 10 they did not stop other users using Windows 7 and Vista etc. I used to think that 3D was an outstanding product, however I now believe this just to be another rip off programme. I am left with 5 uncompleted videos that I can no longer finish

Re: Not being able to run the software [Resolved]

Hi, we're terribly sorry that you're having a problem. There might be two reasons behind it:
- you installed a new version when your free updates period was already over - in this case, you only get the new version trial, and need to order an update to get the full version installer;
- your key is no longer seen as valid due to an error on our server side.
No matter what it is, tech support should help you resolve it shortly.

Re: Not being able to run the software [Resolved]

Appears there was a fault on the server, resolved by supplying new license key. Thanks.