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Topic: General section?

First, I have had to re-register because I forgot my registration details, and could not get onto this site!

I was thinking that this forum needs a "General" or "Lounge" section. At the moment we cannot post interesting things that other members would benefit from. Also the forum as it stands is to rigid, a General section would make this forum more relaxed, and would bring it into line with the hundreds of other forum that all have a General section (or equivalent), and it would make the forum more popular. smile

William. (Willabong)

Re: General section?

Hi William, good to hear from you again! That's a great idea indeed. We'll follow your tip and create the General section shortly.

Re: General section?

P.S. You can restore access to your previous account here

Re: General section?

Your "here" link takes me back to the home page?

But don't worry about it, I'm happy with this one! smile

Re: General section?

The link would take you to the "request a new password" form if you were logged out. You can change your password any time if you forget it, but don't forget the email address used for registration. Anyway, you're welcome with the new nickname smile
And here' the good news: the Lounge section for general discussion is there!