Topic: Cannot activate license

I have Smartshow3D version 10 on my desktop PC.  I unstalled version 12 from my laptop and wanted to install it on my desktop PC.  I uninstalled Smartshow3D version 10 from the desktop and installed version 12 and use the new license, but it still says it can't take the new license.  It says the software was activated with a different email address, and that it was referring to version 10, which is true, but my new license I want to use is from my Yahoo email.  I even wiped the registry of any reference of Smartshow3D, but it still won't activate.  My licenses are are valid and paid for.  The newer license let me upgrade to version 12 for free.

Re: Cannot activate license


I suggest contacting our tech support here:
They will check the database and see what's wrong.