Topic: music to timeline

Why can't I cut the music directly on the timeline, at the exact point where my cursor stands?  Calculating the duration each time - is too lousy while it can be done very  simple. I am working with other softwares too, like Corel, and there it is very easy cutting the music, deleting part of it - even at the middle, adjusting the volume.

Re: music to timeline


Well, you can cut the music on Timeline. Just switch to Timeline, then place the cursor to the beginning or the end of the music piece and drag it to cut. See screenshot

As for cutting pieces in random places, yes, that is still to be implemented. I will forward this to our project manager.

Re: music to timeline

Thanks for you answer. I created a wonderful video which  includes many photos +videos. But coming to adding music - I had a big problem: some videos have music and in some of them I muted the music. But being unable to cut the music ( which I added on the timeline) in random places - made my job impossible. Finally I decided to add musiuc in another software (Corel or Premiere)