Topic: For Novice Users PLEASE


First let me say the program is pretty cool.  The tutorials that you offer (sorry) are not.  They are more like an intro, and for a completely newbie they just make it feel overwhelming.

I realize interactive tutorials are probably out of the question (personally I would pay for one), however, you still need an "in depth" tutorial of the program in its entirety that explains the concept.  The what, when, and (most importantly) why you would choose one feature over another.  A glossary would also be most helpful.  Again, a what, when and why section is desperately needed.

I wish I could remember which video you show that did this, but once they added a key frame and the next time they copied and pasted.  Whether there is a specific reason to do this, or just more than one way to skin a cat I don't know.  Either way, it needs explaining.

I was able to make a video, but I'd be willing to bet I did it the hard way.

Thanks in advance,

Re: For Novice Users PLEASE

Hi JudyT,

Have you watched this video guide?
- it covers most of the features. You can find the timings for a certain part in the video description.

As for the keyframes, this is the basic guide for creating an animation: … -types.php