Topic: Multple projects on single DVD

Please include in the next update the ability to burn multiple projects on a single DVD.

Re: Multple projects on single DVD


Thank you very much for your suggestion. I suppose you would like this feature to be imported from SmartSHOW (where you can burn several projects to one DVD).
In any case, don't worry, we have already passed your suggestion on to our project manager, so this feature may be added in future updates.

Re: Multple projects on single DVD


I also wait for this feature urgently. I would like to  burn several projects on one DVD (PAL, 16:9 format, using a background picture of my own and preview pictures of my own). When I export my projects from SmartShow 3D and import them in a DVD menu maker program that re encodes them, I don't get a good quality because my projects are encoded twice.

Re: Multple projects on single DVD

Hi hoevelhoevel!

We've forwarded your request to the project manager and we may add an option to burn several slideshows to a single DVD in a future version.