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I'm a brand new user of Smartshow 3d
To spare time I used the 5 minutes tab to create my project (which worked fine)

My question is :

How do I modify the model, animation and number of photos in one diapo without altering the background nor watermark applied for the whole project (I want to keep it all the same for the whole project)
(Actually when I try to do so : it creates a brand new diapo or cancel the background and watermark of the diapo)

Hope my request is understandable (I m French so sorry for my imperfect english)

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

You'd better add the watermark in Project Settings > Watermark - this way, it's added to the resulting video, and it doesn't depend on the number of slides or anything else.

To keep the same background, you should copy some existing slide with the necessary background and then just replace the pictures.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Lesley

Thanks. as new user I find it handier to make my whole projet using the 5 minutes project with all the transitions and theme set as I don't feel like starting it from scratch . And also I like the watermark I choose as ready to use theme, I surely wouldn't be

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sorry....end of my post
--- I surely wouldn't be able to reproduce it !

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Just in case the technical support replies to me that it's not possible to change collages on the 5 minutes project I have made, could you explain to me how to change the watermark (filigrane in french) = animation eg if I want bubbles for all slides in the project settings please ?

I would really be pissed off as I bought this software to make things easier for me (I have over 450 photos for my project and I don't have the time to create it all from scratch with personnalized effects, transitions....) all the more since I do not know the software at all as I use it for the 1st time sad

Let's keep fingers crossed !

Thanks in advance for your help indeed

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Sorry to bother you again Lesley

But I've got another one major question :

how about the glamorous themes (wedding, birthday...) that you can find on the trial version :

- I assume you can select one of them using the 5 minutes project tab (but apparently you cannot change the pre-setted collages)

- how can you access those if you create a new project from scratch ?

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First of all, even if you created your slideshow with the Slideshow in 5 minutes option, you can apply a watermark to all slides at once in the Project Settings. If you create new slides during editing, you won't have to recreate the watermark for them - it will be applied automatically during the video conversion.

Next, if you want bubbles to be a watermark, then click Add Logo in the Watermark settings and select the bubbles picture. However, if you mean the animated effect, then it's better to add it manually in the Edit Slide window (Slide Effects).

lillythecat wrote:

how about the glamorous themes (wedding, birthday...)

Yes, they can be found in Slideshow in 5 minutes. This option is designed to create a slideshow without any editing at all and convert it into a video right away. That's why you can not set any animation settings or pick other effects.

Normally, you can not access them when making a blank project, but there is a workaround. Create a slideshow in 5 minutes with a template you need (wedding, for example). Open the slide you want to use for your new project and click "Add to Title Clips" / Ajouter à mes scènes. Then open your new project and go to Add > Title Clips.
Note that you will need to replace the images in this slide as well using the slide editor.