Topic: Smart Show 17.0


I got a mail suggesting to make an update to SmartShow 17.0. That's wonderful!

I have SmartShow 3D Deluxe with a license until October. I'm astonished to see 3 versions on your website understanding that the Gold version has more transitions.

When I update my program, do I then load the Deluxe version? Or do I load the Gold version?

Or can I update from the Deluxe version to the Gold version?

Regards from Germany,

Re: Smart Show 17.0


If you order the Gold edition of version 17.0, you'll receive a link and key for the Gold version. If you order an update for the Deluxe version, you'll receive the Deluxe version. If you have some questions regarding certain special offers, please contact the customer support center here:
They'll be able to answer all your questions.