Topic: Better organization of collage options

Suggestion: Instead of scattering the multi-slide collages throughout the menu page, could they be grouped according to
the number of slides I want enter? In other words, all the 2s, 3s, 4s, etc., together? ProShow Producer does this, allowing you to enter the number of slide layers you would like to enter in a multi-image Style, which then brings up all Styles available for that grouping.

Re: Better organization of collage options


Thank you for your suggestion. We've forwarded it to the project manager so an option to search for collages by the number of photos may be added in a future version. Meanwhile, please note that you can see the number of photos under some collages -

Re: Better organization of collage options

Michael...thanks and, yes, I can see the numbers. But if all I want is a collage for 2 photos, I have to scan through ALL the assorted collages to find those that are just for 2 photos. Grouping them would help, and maybe the product manager can do that.  Frank (fairly new SmartShow user after years of ProShow Producer, and am loving it.)