Topic: Simple text (No animation)

Hi folks.

I just want to have several different texts appear on a blank slide at specific points in time for a specific duration (With no Animation)

I assume this is possible, but can't for the life of me work it out!

For example the word "Hey" at 10 seconds into the slide at the top left for 20 seconds, followed by more text at different positions and for different durations.

Could someone tell me the process please?



Re: Simple text (No animation)


Re: Simple text (No animation)

You need to work with the animation keyframes.

1) Select the caption, then go to Animation tab. Select the first keyframe and disable Opacity for the text

2) Add the second keyframe and set it at 9 seconds.

3) Add the third keyframe at 10 seconds and enable Opacity for this frame

Click Play to see the text slowly appear at 10 seconds. If you want it to disappear later, add two more keyframes and disable the opacity for the last frame.

Re: Simple text (No animation)

That's great. Thanks Michael!