Topic: Timing slide

It would be nice to be able to *type in* a time setting when adjusting animation.  The slider bar is nice for gross time choices, but when the slider is set to increments of 1/1000ths it is really kind of difficult to land *right on* one's desired time spec.  One could fine tune this much easier with a type in option somewhere.

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ps ... otherwise, while the learning curve is a little bumpy, the software is turning out to be just what I was looking for I think! and your tech support in the forums is really timely!

Re: Timing slide

Thank you for this suggestion Heidi, I've forwarded it to the project manager.

Re: Timing slide

Just talked to the developers, and here's an update regarding slide timing.

As a matter of fact, the keyframe does not have a fixed position in time because the user is free to change the slide duration any time, even when all the animation keyframes have been created. For example, you create some effects, then play the preview and decide that it all goes too fast. Then you can just go to the "Slide" tab and set a longer slide duration. As a result, all your keyframes will move. The relative distance between the keyframes will remain unchanged, but the positions in time will change of course. You are free to experiment with the slide duration as much as you need, until the preview looks perfect.

Hope this helps to understand why the keyframe does not have fixed timing.