Topic: "Open" slideshow at a party

I'm having a big party (80 people) in acouple of months and I would like to have all the different tables be able to take photos of the people at the table with their phones, and then send it somehow and it will automatically appear on a big screen for all to see in a slideshow. i have been looking at Chrome cast and Apple tv etc, but can't find a good solution... Anyone have any tips or tricks to make this happen?

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Re: "Open" slideshow at a party

Hi, Bigyellow.

My name is Konstantin and I'm a QA Engineer at AMS Software. Here's a solution for you:

1. Create an Event on Google+ page ( )
2. All pictures will be available in a shared folder that you can cast anywhere

Re: "Open" slideshow at a party

Bigyellow, why not make a traditional slideshow? That way you'll be able to use special effects and much more output options. People here will be glad to share their opinions and provide some advice.