Topic: Increase voice volume [Resolved]

I'm a new user and a bit stuck!

I'm trying to overlap music by using the voice as well.  However the voice volume is much lower and I can't find a way of adjusting it, even with audio points.  I right click and the audio volume option is greyed out.

Is there a tutorial focusing entirely on the music?

I did a search in the forum for music to get some tips, got 430 results returned, about 350 of which were someone advertising his free music resources!


Re: Increase voice volume [Resolved]

Hi Colin!

I'm afraid that the current version doesn't allow you to increase audio volume since It may create distorted and unpleasant sound. To increase audio file’s volume you’ll have to use a special tool called normalization. The fastest and easiest way is to reduce the music volume when voice over or narration begins.

Re: Increase voice volume [Resolved]

Thanks Michael. At least I know if I cannot do it I won't spend time trying to solve it.  But the voice levels are incredibly quiet compared to the music channel.

Re: Increase voice volume [Resolved]

Glad to help you. You may find useful a free online tool called Enhance Speech from Adobe
It uses AI to enhance poor-quality voice recordings by removing background noise and making the voice sound stronger.