Topic: Timing of the slide and the transition

I'm having difficulty timing the slide (photo) to the transition (although I use transitions sparingly as I feel it looks amateurish)


My first title slide is set at 10.0, the transition to the next photo is set at 7.0 and the transition at 3.5, but the second photo doesn't STAY at 7.0 seconds, it appears and disappears in about 2 seconds.

My Main slideshow settings are set at 7.0 for the slides and 3.5 for the transitions.

Additional settings:

80%, Constant speed and High.

WHAT am I not doing correctly? I do NOT have this issue with Proshow Producer - that I'm still using.

Thanks very much.

Re: Timing of the slide and the transition


In SmartSHOW 3D transitions make the two slides play simultaneously, they don't play separately between the slides. Thus, the transition duration is subtracted from the previous and next slides.
If you need every slide to play for 7 seconds and have 3.5-second transitions between them, you should set the first slide to 10.5 seconds (because the last 3.5 seconds will be cut off by the transition) and all the other slides to 14 seconds (because they'll be cut by transitions at both ends).

Re: Timing of the slide and the transition

I tried your suggestion and the slides should be set to 12.0 and transitions to 3.5 in order for my slides to "hold" for viewing at 7.0 seconds. 15.0 makes for a 10.0 sec viewing of the slide - too long.

I will continue to test out your program, but the timing aspect needs work. As I mentioned, I continue to use proshow Producer and there's no issue with the timing on either slides or transitions. In this regard, Smartshow 3D developers need attention to this.

Re: Timing of the slide and the transition


The viewing time of a slide may be longer because it is still displayed during the transition. You can experiment a bit with the timing to find the one that suits you best.