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I made a nice video, using music from your music collection. But when I uploaded it to youtube -I got a warning that I am using copy-right music. The music which I used from your file: Lasteden - sunrise

The one who claims for copy-right, as per youtube, is
[Merlin] FUGA Aggregation
Astrolabe Recordings
I don't think it is false claim. Maybe some music at the software is not royalty-free. It is disturbing, because it means that I can not rely on the music collection

Re: copy right music


False claims sometimes occur on YouTube. Also, some artists sell their music on stocks and monetize it on YouTube at the same time. We sometimes face the same problem when we post videos with music from our collection on our official YouTube channel. If it happens we submit a claim with a note that a license to use this track was purchased from AudioJungle. It usually resolves the problem.

Re: copy right music

Thanks. I wil do the same