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Does anyone know how to create a custom transition that includes Slide A rolling up (like a roll of wall paper)?

Quite a few of the 3d transitions included with Smartshow include this effect but I would like to create personalised ones.

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Hi Mark!

These transitions were created by professional designers and they used special masks and other layers that don't come with Transition Wizard so I'm afraid that the current version doesn't allow you to create scrolling transitions. However, you can create lots of other custom transitions using Transition Wizard. Here's a video with some useful tips:

Re: Transition Wizard - Roll effect

Thanks for the reply Michael

I appreciate that you are not responsible, but it's a pity that the Promo Video for the Transition Wizard (, which decided me to buy a licence, includes such a transition! Whilst it did not state specifically that such an effect could be achieved, I do not think that it is unreasonable that this could be inferred!

Prehaps you could pass this observation on.


Re: Transition Wizard - Roll effect

The transition used in the Promo Video is available in the program so you still can use it in your slideshows. However, we agree that the video may be misleading for some customers and we'll discuss it with our content creators. We'll also contact the engineers to find out if it will be possible to add an option to create similar transitions in future versions of Transition Wizard.

Re: Transition Wizard - Roll effect

Thanks Michael

I must say, I am impressed with the speed and content of the responses from you and your fellow moderators