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Topic: Questions before purchasing software

I have more than 2000 family photos  from the 1880s through 1990s that I digitized.

using this software program -

1. Can I add captions on specific photos?

2. can I make a slideshow with photographs just appearing? i.e. no transition effects

3. is there a specific DPI or resolution or “Print size” or “image quality“ for the photographs? I am using adobe Photoshop elements 2021 to lightly crop and edit, as needed.

my goal is to make many different types of slideshows, By decade, by surname, by holiday or occasion, etc.

thank you

Re: Questions before purchasing software


Let's see:

1. Sure, it's possible. Just open the slide editor and go Add Layer > Text. Then position the caption as you like.
2. Yes, you can disable transition effects directly on the Timeline.
3. There are no strict requirements for the photos, however,  it's better to use high-quality pictures in JPEG, PNG formats to get the best result.

SmartSHOW 3D offers several templates for retro and holiday slideshows. I'm sure you'll find something to your taste.