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Topic: animation

when I edit a slide and change,  let's say, the scale in the animation, save the slide.Then coming back to the story board and adding an animation. If I want to delete this last one - I can't, unless all animations for the slide are deleted. This is a big problem: what I suggest is  to add the "undo" button in the story board position. In this way we will be able to delete one animation only.

Re: animation


I see what you mean. Yes, our developers are working on this feature right now, it will be added in future updates.
Meanwhile, you can remove certain animations manually: just double-click the slide, switch to the Animation tab and delete or modify the keyframes to get the desired result.

If you're not sure how to work with the keyframes, check out this tutorial: http://smartshow-software.com/slide-ani … -types.php