Topic: Powerful Transition Wizard - for those who want more!

For more than a year, we worked on creating the application you've been asking for, and now it's here. Meet Transition Wizard - a powerful add-on to SmartSHOW 3D 10 that lets absolutely anyone create their own unique slideshow transitions. Previously, this was the privilege of professional designers only, and now it's available to you!

Here's what you can do with Transition Wizard:

  • Design one-of-a-kind transitions effects for your slideshows

  • Create unique motion paths with dozens of animation settings

  • Experiment with 100+ effects: highlights, glows, nature effects

  • Make themed transitions with additional layers, clipart & shapes

  • Save your creations in your SmartSHOW 3D transitions gallery

Take a glimpse of Transition Wizard:

Learn more and get your copy: