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Is there a setting with which i can present pictures in full format without stretching them? You lose picture information by stretching them.I can change the black borders to other colors or patterns, but they still disturb.
Can I change the size of the background?

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You can add the background picture as a layer and stretch it manually.
Just open the slide then go to Add Layer > Photo and add that image.

Contact our Support Center if you need any help with that:

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Hello michael,
Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, there was a little misunderstanding.
When I insert an image into the "filmstrip", it does not fill its place 100%. There remains a border, a background, which I can design, but which I don't want.
I can prevent this edge by stretching the image. However, I lose parts of the image at the top and bottom.
Is there a possibility to insert the image in full format without losing parts of the image, or can I adjust the "filmstrip" in such a way that the image remains in its proportions in full format?
Please excuse me if I express myself in a complicated way, English is not my native language.

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Hmmm, can you send me a screenshot showing the problem? You can just upload it to a sharing service like
and paste the link here.
I need to see how the photo is displayed.

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Re: Background size … res/C9W1X8

I have colored the area green. Can you please show me a way to avoid this area without stretching the picture?

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I see now, thanks.
Your photos are of a square format (4:3), while the video has a different aspect ratio - rectangular (16:9). That's why your photos will be cropped after stretching. You need to use different photos in order to avoid cropping.