Topic: Need Help With A Complicated Project

I have scanned a page of sheet music and saved it as a jpeg. I want to bring it into SlideShow and have the page scroll up in sync with the music sound track. I know how to have it scroll up, but the hard part is having it pause at certain spots while the music catches up, or move on forward to catch up with the music. I know key frames are involved. Anyone help? Thank you

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First, I suggest checking out this guide: … eshows.php

You need the part called Custom Text Animation. The tips told in this one can be applied to other slide elements as well, like images, clipart, shapes, textures, etc.
The main thing: you need to work with the distance between the frames. This controls the animation speed. Large distance - slow animation, short distance - fast animation. You can also try placing more keyframes to have better control over the animation.

Re: Need Help With A Complicated Project

Thank you for your help. I got one page of sheet music to work, but it took a very long time. I have 102 pages to scroll, so not practical. I think I am asking the program to do something its not designed for. Thank you anyway.

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Well, there is a way. You have that layer with the animated page, right? You can simply copy and paste it to another slide (using the corresponding buttons in the top bar), and it will keep the animation settings. So all you'll have to do then is change the original image (in the Layer tab) and maybe tweak the keyframes a bit to fit it into the music.