Topic: TESTING (Trial) SmartShow 3D

I'm on my seven-day trial of Smartshow and so far, so very good. I'm a years long user of Proshow Producer, and actually still use it with no problems. Just looking to upgrade to a different program more bells and whistles (does anyone say that anymore?)

Two concern/questions If I decide to purchase Smartshow, how to save to a flash drive? Yes, I can create a DVD's but frankly, DVD's are not as commonly used as once before - those I know enjoy the flash drive (HDMI input on the TV or laptop)

Also: Can one save their show to YouTube or Vimeo (as I've been able to do with Proshow Producer)

Thanks all - very much appreciated.

Re: TESTING (Trial) SmartShow 3D


To save a slideshow on a flash drive, just convert it into a video file by going to Create Video > Create Video Slideshow and copy the created file onto the flash drive.

The Deluxe and Gold versions allow you to create videos especially optimized for YouTube and Vimeo.