Topic: number of photos

I have a set of 141 pictures that I'd like to use for a slideshow. Would it be impossibly difficult to work with that many?

thanks, Rhoda

Re: number of photos

There is no limit actually, and 141 should cause no problems. Naturally, you need a powerful computer with a high-end video card and the latest drivers if you plan to make slideshow with hundreds of slides and use 3D animation, otherwise editing and preview may take a lot of time, and glitches are possible, as with any complicated task in any other photo/video editor.

Re: number of photos

I purchased this software and cannot figure out how to use more than 15 photos.  I know that the trial software is a 15 photo limit, but I actually purchased and received a receipt and a link and did all that I need to do in order to use/purchase/have this software and every time I try to download it it NEVER works!  My son is going into the Army on Saturday and I literally have no slide show for him now.  I spent an entire day researching slideshow software, purchased this for over $50 and now I can't even use it!  I am so frustrated!  I can't get anyone to help me in technical support - I've sent multiple messages.  I have sent my order number, my actual email confirmation of purchase...nothing!

Will someone out there please tell me how to use this once I hit the download link????

Re: number of photos

Hi, we replied to your support ticket yesterday. Your software is already activated, according to our database. Can you add more than 15 slides now?