Topic: newbie intro

Hi, my name is Rhoda. I was looking for a slideshow software to replace an old program that I had about 10 years ago. I'm saving the installation files and serial numbers to google drive and hopefully I won't lose them.
(I had a 3d type slideshow program 10 years ago and I lost the envelope with the serial number on it and forgot a 10 year old password so I was unable to access their site for help.) I was hoping that I could reinstall the cd.
I was able to find a awesome code yesterday for the SmartShow 3D and the Photo Collage maker. (I had another old collage maker and lost the activation key to that one too.
With all that said, these two programs look like they will be even better than what I had before and I'm sure have newer capabilities that what I would have had with the older programs.
Looking forward to making some SmartShow 3D slideshows!

Rhoda Jayne

Re: newbie intro

Hello, Rhoda! It seems every cloud has a silver lining. Welcome aboard!
Feel free to ask any questions and share your awesome slideshows smile