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As a new user, forgive me if I'm missing something obvious! I have used the 5 minute slideshow option, but need to add a couple of extra slides to what I've done. I cannot see how to easily copy a slide?? I have tried to get around this, by saving one slide as a template and then inserting that. However, when I insert the template, I do not get the same background as the other slides, but a darker one. I am using the 'Our wedding' set.
Any help would be really appreciated.

Re: Copy a slide


Do you mean duplicating slides in your project?
If you want to just copy an existing slide, select it on the Timeline, then press CTRL+D on your keyboard to duplicate the slide. You can also right-click the slide and choose Edit > Duplicate Slide.
If you need to duplicate several slides, select them while holding the SHIFT key, then press CTRL+C to copy them and CTRL+V to paste.

Re: Copy a slide

many thanks Michael. Problem solved!