Topic: An old Proshow Gold user

For some years i have used the Photodex Proshow Gold program, until the company died.
I am looking for an alternative. In one of the forums somebody recommended SmartSHOW 3D.
I there anybody here that made the same move? Any experience to compare to Proshow? Any other alternatives?
All comments are appreciated)

Re: An old Proshow Gold user

I limped along with ProShow till I wanted to make DVD burns. pro
Show mp3,4 gone south so no can do. I exported .avi then converted to Mp4 but of course cannot make DVds other than data.
Tried to uses Magix photostory deluxe but hangs up on my PC yet works on laptop. Then tried SmartShow 2019 trial and loved it. Made out in that version 15 was released so purchased. its 10 time better than Pro Show and much more friendly than Magix.